ItsNat Feature Showcase

Google App Engine working examples

Google App Engine has some limitations, for instance Swing classes are not white listed, the Feature Showcase's main tree uses the ItsNat tree component based on Swing. These links are examples loaded through iframe or similar ("external") and not using prohibited classes. Many other ItsNat features work in GAE, because the Feature Showcase is mainly a Single Page Interface application and the main tree does not work most of them cannot be launched.

Note: if something goes wrong try to remove the cookie.

HTML Example in Manual

XML Example in Manual

SVG in XHTML and MIME application/xhtml+xml

SVG inline in XHTML, MIME text/html and SVGWeb

Pure SVG

Pure XUL

XML Generation

SVG IFrame/Object/Embed Auto-Binding Example (obviously incomplete)

SVG Object/Embed Ssrc Auto-Binding Example (obviously incomplete)

Referrer Pull & Fwd/Back Button

Referrer Push & Fwd/Back Button

Extreme Mashup (a.k.a. Attached Server) HTML Mime

Extreme Mashup (a.k.a. Attached Server) XHTML Mime

Pretty URLs (works with a visual bug, the image is not shown)

Remote Templates

Stateless Example in Manual